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Anti-Block Masterbatches
Powerful Hi-Performance Anti-Block n Anti-Slip masterbatches for use in LDPE, LLDPE, PVC, EVA, PP, BOPP & PP Blown Films. It gives film Excellent Transparency with practically no haze. It improves surface treatment and coating on the films. There is NO adverse effect on adhesion properties of Ink & Printing on the films and NO change in sealing properties. It is FDA approved.
UV stabiliser masterbatches
UV Stabilisers for entire range of plastics. Ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight causes color degradation and deterioration of the quality of plastics. Our UV Stabilizer masterbacthes absorb these detrimental ultraviolet rays & prevent color degradation and deterioration of plastics resulting in long term protection & excellent color stability.
Optical brightners
Our High performance Optical Brighteners eliminates completely inherent yellowish dull appearance in most of the polymers and resins PVC, PE, PP, Styrinics, PC, ABS, TPU, TPE, EVA, TPV, Silicone etc. and produces gloss shine with highest clarity in plastics.
Processing Aids
Processing Aids, to achieve fast and rapid production available for entire range of plastics including engineering plastics.
Fragrance masterbatches
Fragrance-Perfume concentrates to achieve various Fragrance-Perfume in plastics mainly for HDPE /LDPE/ PP/ PVC/ EVA etc.
Odour absorbing masterbatches
Powerful Odour Absorbing masterbatches for entire range of polymers. In Medical Appliances, Automotive interior parts, Household items, Food containers & boxes, Packaging, everywhere generation of undesired odour is most common problem. It ensures complete elimination of unbearable and unpleasant odour in Virgin as well as Recycled polymer Material.
Anti-microbial, antifungal & anti- algal masterbatches
Anti-Microbial , Anti-Fungal & Anti-Algal masterbatches inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as fungi & bacteria & thereby prevent discoloration, unpleasant oduors and surface degradation of plastic parts. Its typical applications are : Medical Appliances, Automotive interior parts, Household furniture, Food containers & boxes, Sanitary products, Packaging, coated fabrics, infact all applications which require high standard of Hygiene.
Anti Static
Anti static masterbatches
Long lasting permanent Anti-Static Concentrates for entire range of plastics. Chemical structure of plastics builds up electrical charges which attracts dust due to static charge. Anti-static concentrates give highest Surface Resistivity with permanent anti-static properties even after washing. It is very critical for sensitive Electronic parts packaging & very useful in Food & Cosmetic packaging.
Anti Fog
Anti fog masterbatches
FDA approved Anti-Fog concentrates for Food packaging & Agricultural films. Fog formation (condensation of water as small droplets on the surface of transparent films) in food wrapping, deteriotes the quality of food. Similarly in Agricultural film fogging reduces light transmission and can lead to damage of plants. It prevents water droplet cloudiness and meet adequate heat stability, low volatility in order to prevent vapour formation during film production without yellowing effect and no negative influence on the transparency and dour of the films.
Flame Retardation
Flame retardant masterbatches
Flame retardant Masterbatches, wide range of very efficient Halogenated & Non-Halogenated concentrates to achieve V-0, V-1 type flame retardancy standards. It helps to protect people and property by delaying the spread of fire and toxic by products and in some cases, preventing ignition entirely.
Anti Scratch
Anti scratch masterbatches
Anti-Scratch masterbatches for entire range of plastics with high resistance to scratches.